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Keratopigmentation (KTP) or corneal tattooing has been used for many years to improve the cosmetic appearance of blind eyes with leucomas.

More recently, KTP has been successfully used for the functional correction of visual and light complaints such as monocular diplopia, severe glare or photophobia associated to partial or total iris defects. Some studies have suggested the potential role of KTP in the management of total or partial traumatic aniridia, iris atrophies secondary to trauma or anterior segment surgery and congenital defects such as colobomas, albinism or Essential Iris Atrophy.

This technique can be considered as an accessible and safe alternative to more invasive procedures, such as intraocular ones.

We use new micronized mineral pigments, assisted with modern surgical technologies such as femtosecond laser and new automated keratopigmentation instruments for the intrastromal or superficial application of the pigments.

We consider these techniques to be a very effective and a relatively simple alternative for the treatment of moderate to severe visual disabilities related to iris defects.

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