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Who are we?

Bluegreen is an international company dedicated to keratopigmentation and other Surgical techniques related to the use of pigments to improve the cosmetic appearance of the human eye. Bluegreen offers pigments, technology for their application, surgical instruments, medical devices and, more especially, medical education and training to use pigments at the level of the cornea and the conjunctiva for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Medical education is essential in every aspect of medicine, but especially in surgery. The skills dedicated to using the adequate pigments correctly for the purpose of pigmentation of the cornea and conjunctiva, the selection and use of the surgical instruments and medical devices for the purpose makes the possibility to receive the adequate training in the use of this novel surgical technique an essential step in good clinical practices.
Bluegreen is offering you this surgical training and online official course, with an online wetlab and online clinical guidance and surgical advice to make your practice successful in the use of keratopigmentation. Please go to the official online course and register there. Once you have accomplished the official online course, you should follow with a short evaluation questionnaire. This evaluation questionnaire will be supervised by the medical staff of Bluegreen and you will receive the official certificate of Bluegreen keratopigmentation techniques. Once you have the official certification you can go through the online wetlab to develop your surgical skills in your own practice using experimental eyes. For the purpose of training you only have to pay for the registration of the official online course and once you receive the certification of the official course the rest of the online training is free including the medical and surgical advice for keratopigmentation techniques.

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For who is Blue Green Medical?

Bluegreen Medical is a company directed at Eye surgeons and physicians. Only medical faculty and healthcare professionals are expected to enter into the Bluegreen website. If you are a patient, please follow Color Eye Tattoo as you will find the adequate information for patients.

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