Coloreyetattoo has been strengthening its techniques to change eye color during more than 12 years.

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Coloreyetattoo has been strengthening its techniques to change eye color during more than 12 years.

Dr. Jorge Alió and his team of professionals collaborate with ColorEyeTattoo in clinical experience and experimental research to offer eye colour changes for cosmetic purposes and to overcome eye problems.

ColorEyeTattoo, which was established in 2002, is recognized internationally and has more than 12 years of experience with the keratopigmentation (corneal tattooing) technique. Dr. Jorge Alió, along with his team of professionals, has dedicated his wide clinical experience and years of knowledge, applied in experimental research, in order to treat different cases. There are a lot of different clinical methods, which are used, starting from therapeutic treatments and finishing with the use of procedures for cosmetic purposes. The latter was presented for the first time in Spain at the XXIV Congress of the Spanish Society of Ocular Plastic and Orbital Surgery.

Keratopigmentation has been used for years to improve the cosmetic appearance of blind eyes with leucomas. Recently, it has been successfully used for the functional correction of several visual disorders such as monocular diplopia, photophobia associated with iris defects, etc. Recent studies have found that corneal tattooing can also be a safe alternative for more invasive procedures, such as intraocular surgical procedures, albinism or essential iris atrophy.

The group of researchers has created three surgical techniques. On the one hand, SAK (Superficial Automated Keratopigmentation), in which the pigment is applied in the cornea using a micropunctural device. On the other hand, FAK (Femtosecond Assisted Keratopigmentation). And finally, MIK (Manual Intralamellar Keratopigmentation), which has been already replaced by the use of laser, because it is more precise and less invasive. These methods have been created as an alternative to more complex surgeries, and has already verified their wide effectiveness in the treatment of visual disabilities. It has been also proven, that its use reduces the intraoperative risk.

The use of the techniques, elaborated in the Ophthalmological Institute Vissum of Alicante, have allowed Doctor Alió and his team to obtain a high recognition. His pioneering techniques have appeared in Basic Investigation, Clinical Science, among others. In addition, thanks to ColorEyeTattoo, Alió entered the TOP 10 of the most influential ophthalmologists in the world in 2016.


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